PBG competes in the fishing tournament. Will PBG catch the biggest fish, or kill another villager?

FISHING TOURNEY! - Animal Crossing GCN (Part 5)
Upload Date May 30th 2016
Series Animal Crossing GCN


Synopsis Edit

PBG gets a skull shirt after feeling sad after being bamboozled. PBG reads an awkward letter from his mom. He hates the rest of his mail. PBG sells his turnips to get some money back. PBG sells out Tom Nook's store, and talks about the annoying bird. PBG goes back in time to the last week in June. He accidentally makes it the middle of the night.

PBG can only catch bass, because Chip wants to eat them! PBG catches a small bass and gets it checked out. He already beats the record! PBG is distracted by a butterfly, and checks how much it costs. He catches a sea bass. PBG wants to see another villager campaigning against you in the new Animal Crossing game.

PBG complains about his awful map. His sea bass does not count as a bass! The fish will not take the bait. He blames Lord Sonic. It finally bites, but PBG wasn't ready so it gets away. PBG makes loud grunting noises as he catches fish. PBG explains how bad he is at the fishing in this game. He finds a decent sized fish. Tom caught a bigger fish then PBG did!

PBG wants revenge on Tom. Tom is taunting PBG now. PBG ties with Tom, but Tom caught his first so Tom is still winning. PBG finds a large bass, which is bigger then Tom's.

PBG fast forwards to the end of the tournament. PBG tries to find Tortimer. PBG didn't win the tournament. PBG's advice is to give up.

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