PBG and Jeff finish off the last multiplayer games, and review all the games in Game and Wario.

FINALE! - Game and Wario #10
Upload Date July 2nd 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Game and Wario


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff flick their hair. Jeff messes up the intro.

They play the Islands game. Jeff reads the instructions in an annoying voice. PBG wants to go first. PBG aims for the center, rather then the 100 point section. Jeff blows it, and hits a lot of 10's. A seagull drogs a ? block. PBG lands 3 100's. A lot of the fronks fall off as the board tilts.

A seagull takes one of PBG's guys! PBG launches one of Jeff's out of the 100 area. The ? block moves around when Jeff hits it. One of Jeff's fronks is taken away. Jeff aims for the ? block again, moving it around once more. Jeff blasts a few 100's and loses a fronk to a seagull. A lot of fronks fall off the board, and a seagull takes a 100 from Jeff, causing PBG to win 620-220. Jeff is upset as PBG sings and cheers. Jeff is salty.

The final game is Disco. Both PBG and Jeff have to hold the tablet together. Jeff wins the first round after PBG doesn't pay enough attention. PBG wins the second round. Both players are confused as to what is happening. PBG wins the third round. PBG wins the fourth round, and wins overall. PBG throws Jeff's stylus.

They go through their top 10 games. Gamer was the best. They decide to give a one word review on each game. Ski was OK, Bowling was funny, Fruit and Islands were pretty good, but the other multiplayer gamer's weren't. PBG didn't review Kung Fu or Ashley. They are now done with Game and Wario.

Jeff doesn't want to play video games any more, so they will do daily blogs instead!

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