PBG heads back to Subnautica and crafts a sea glide to swim further than before. Part 1 is here.

EXPLORING! - Subnautica (Part 2)
Upload Date May 29th 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG has been having a lot of fun playing Subnautica. He has been making knives and food. He wants to make a SeaGlide, but needs a Power Cell. PBG catches some fish. PBG searches through limestone for some copper. He finds two in a row, and gets attacked.

PBG is excited about making something. He gets his sea glide. He rides on the sea glide. He moves much faster now. PBG explores. PBG runs into some radiation, and almost loses his ship. PBG almost drowns.

He dies and respawns back in his ship. PBG finds that it is difficult to look down while he swims, and finds some salt. PBG is almost attacked by a large fish. The fish starts to attack the ship, and PBG kills it. PBG is worried as his power starts to fall after the ship was attacked. PBG finds some more copper and quartz.

PBG needs to find his extra storage. He continues to harvest, and is attacked by a fish again. He has enough resources to construct his radiation suit! He can now go further out. He makes some fins too.

PBG wants to see some night creatures. PBG found out that the sea glide runs out of batteries! PBG looks at the blown up ship. He wants to go as far out as he can. He wonders if the ship will blow up again.

He looks around and doesn't find anything. He goes down below the ship and goes down as far as he can. He couldn't find anything in the deeper part of the water. PBG ends the video, but doesn't realize that he was running out of oxygen! He manages to reach the surface.

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