PBG and Jeff play Star Wars Battlefront's Heroes vs Villains mode.

EVIL OLD GUYS! - Star Wars Battlefront (Part 1 of 2)
Upload Date December 20th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are still having trouble to do their intro over Skype. This video is sponsored. PBG rambles and wants to start over.

Jeff wants to play Heroes vs Villains. The heroes win instantly. PBG starts as Palpatine. PBG is excited as he gets to do crazy things. He sees Luke Skywalker and is destroyed. Jeff can't do anything and dies. The round ends as the villains are all defeated.

PBG follows Papitine and Vader. Jeff is Darth Vader, and PBG wants to sacrifice himself for Vader. They search for Han Solo for a long time unsuccessfully. Jeff flies around. PBG and Jeff's team won because they had more villains left.

PBG plays as Boba Fett. Pincess Leia killed Jeff. PBG gets picked on by Luke. Jeff shoots a rocket at Luke, and they win. This mode is fun! It is fun to be the stormtroopers as nobody shoots them!

PBG spawns on Luke and is killed. PBG and Jeff battle Luke. Jeff is killed, and PBG defeats Luke. PBG finds Han Solo and shoots at him. Boba Fett is killed, and the heroes win. PBG is Boba Fett again and flies around in the air. PBG stands on top of the ship and shoots down at the heroes. PBG runs out of flying juice as he gets shot at. PBG battles against Luke and wins despite trying to fly away. PBG laughs as he kills a guy with a missile. PBG gets sniped. The round ends in a draw.

PBG tries to throw a detonator to Leia, but fails and is killed. Jeff is the last villain left. They battle Han Solo. PBG goes down, and Jeff is killed moments later. PBG likes playing as Boba Fett. PBG takes out Luke, and chases Han. Jeff sneaks up on Han and kills him. PBG gets stuck and wonders how he survived. Jeff takes out the last hero quickly, and the villains win overall 5-4.

Jeff levels up. PBG and Jeff discuss how much they liked the game. They are both excited for the new movie.

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