Nobody can get stars, while Jeff's luck continues to be terrible.

EVERYONE GETS WREKT! (Ft. ProJared!) - Mario Party 2 (Part 2)
Upload Date November 2nd 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Turn 5 Edit

Everyone is Jared. Jeff likes how he is getting high rolls now. Jared and PBG are both sent back to the start on the bridge, and Jared complains about being an innocent bystander. Wario gets a star in a hidden block and Jeff complains! PBG can't believe how many hidden blocks there are. They play Slot Car Derby. Wario wins after coming from behind.

Turn 6 Edit

They discuss dueling and battle mini games. Wario is sent back to the start. They play Handcar Havoc. PBG discusses how good McJones is at button mashing. Jared yells at PBG for having a robot on his side, as PBG and Wario win.

Turn 7 Edit

Jeff is the only one without a hidden block star! Wario gets all the bank money again. They play Tile Driver. They have to work out which button ground pounds before they play. Jared wins and PBG blows it.

Turn 8 Edit

Jared buys a skeleton key, and has a plan. PBG lands on another Bowser Space. He lands on Stars - Packed to Go, and Bowser leaves. They play Crane Game. Jared makes noises as he tries to survive. He didn't stand a chance. PBG plays safe and gets more time. PBG wins easily.

Turn 9 Edit

Jeff is sent back to the first area, just like Jared was earlier. Jeff looks out the window, as sad music plays. Jeff has the worst luck. PBG rolls terribly on his mushroom. They play Dizzy Dancing. PBG wins. PBG wants a replay shown of his win.

Turn 10 Edit

Jared lands on yet another ? space. No one can get stars. PBG and Wario are also sent to square one! PBG meant to stop the episode after the last turn, so he does it now, before Wario's turn. Nothing has happened, yet there are three stars!

Current Scores Edit

Note: Wario is yet to have his turn.

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 Wario 1 44
2 Jared 1 39
3 PBG 1 39
4 Jeff 0 22

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