PBG has an emotional rollercoaster as the game comes to the end. Will he win, or be devastated?

Upload Date July 20th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Turn 14 Edit

PBG and Jeff play Mario Bandstand. Jeff wins. He is mad that he missed out on his star.

Turn 15 Edit

Wario plays Chance Time. PBG is upset. Jeff gets 20 coins from Wario. Wario will now have no coins for Bowser and Toad. They play Key-pa-Way. Jeff throws the key, almost losing it. Jeff then blocks while Wario opens the door winning them the game.

There are five turns left, and Koopa predicts that Jeff will win.

Turn 16 Edit

PBG tries to guess who has the bonus stars. PBG could lose it! Wario goes past Bowser and loses his coins. PBG and Jeff talk about Game of Thrones. Peach gets a bonus roll. This turn they play Bowl Over. PBG wants Jeff to hit Peach. Jeff takes out both Wario and Peach.

Turn 17 Edit

Jeff thinks he could get the coin star after getting 20 for going past Koopa. Wario passes Toad. Peach pays for a piranha plant, which was a terrible decision. They have to stop the footage for a moment. They play Balloon Burst. PBG and Jeff forget to talk during the game.

"Editor's note: They forgot to words"

PBG wins.

Turn 18 Edit

PBG wants all the coins. PBG would bet his life on all of the bonus stars are set in this game. They play Mushroom Mix-Up, and PBG is stoked to play after last time's mistake. Peach is blocked, but she stays on. Jeff wins after blocking PBG.

Turn 19 Edit

PBG is facing two piranha plants. PBG loses one of his stars to Peach! PBG is devastated. PBG can't believe that it paid off for Peach. Peach then plays Chance Time. Luigi and Wario switch their coins! PBG is devastated again! Jeff is still in this, after passing Koopa. Jeff takes a risk, and buys a piranha plant. They play Skateboard Scamper. PBG needs to win this. PBG wins, and is excited. PBG is back in it.

Turn 20 Edit

PBG drops short of being able to get a star. The last game is Slot Car Derby. Jeff screws up his start again. Wario wins.

Conclusion Edit

PBG doesn't care about the ending, as he is sure he has lost. PBG wins the game star. Jeff wins the coin star. The happening star goes to PBG. PBG wins overall! Footage is shown of PBG gloating and whining. Jeff can't believe that PBG won. Wario came last!

They check out that statistics. The game star was really close. PBG isn't sure if he has seen the Luigi title screen. PBG broke a controller due to being mad at this game once.

Results Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 PBG 3 30
2 Peach 2 17
3 Jeff 1 78
4 Wario 0 96

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