PBG trains in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls for a series of Hardcore on Polaris with Criken, Wowcrendor and Jesse Cox.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls HC - Training!
Upload Date March 25th 2014
Series One offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing Hardcore in Diablo 3. PBG will be a wizard. Criken will be a witch doctor. Wowcrendor is playing a demon hunter. Jesse Cox is playing the crusader. None of them have played their roles before. This is a warm up before the actual series begins.

They are concerned at the old man stating "You have no friends". The team meet up together. One of PBG's attacks does no damage! Jesse teaches the others how to play. They decide on their stats. They look at the map and find their bounty areas. PBG accidentally warps himself to the wrong place. PBG levels up and now has spells. PBG feels that this is too easy. Everyone realizes their volume is too high.

PBG gets himself trapped. There are a lot of guys around.Jesse announces that they probably should have bought some things first. PBG gets Frost Nova, a move that he likes. They make a joke about a human dog man. PBG slows enemies as the rest of the team attacks.

The team warps to the Royal Crypts. These enemies are a lot better! They continue fighting more enemies. PBG keeps on getting sucked in. He gets to level 6 and still doesn't have anything useful. They find a large enemy, and think it is a boss. Turns out it is just a guy! PBG is useless! Jesse explains that they skipped a lot of stuff.

PBG gets separated trying to run away from the yellow guy. PBG finally manages to kill a skeleton. Jesse wants to take everything for loot reasons. They finally wipe out the wave of enemies. They find another wave. PBG comments that these enemies are usually easily taken out. Jesse explains that Hardcore will be a slow event. PBG learns not to back himself into a corner.

Jesse explains that the game assumes they are around level 50! They head to the Skeleton King's area. The game won't let them change their skills. They activate the Skeleton King and Criken has to move back so he doesn't instantly get attacked! They start wailing on him. They talk about making the game about adults killing children wearing costumes! Jesse discusses tactics to perform during Hardcore. They realize that the skeleton king damages his subjects.

Eventually, the Skeleton King is defeated. They get 4 shards, and collect the Skeleton King's drops. They believe that they are now ready for Hardcore.

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