MORALE IS DOWN! is the twelfth episode of Diablo 2 Hardcore.

Upload Date March 1st 2014
Series Diablo 2
Episode No. 12

Deaths Austin

Synopsis Edit

Austin gets stuck in a roomful of enemies and almost dies. Everyone is becoming worried as they approach the end of the game. They find where the boss in the Durance of Hate is. Again the team find themselves surrounded by many enemies, and Austin and Paul both lose health quickly. Suddenly, Austin gets stuck, and his health plummets and he dies. They still haven't reached the boss, and need to go back to get potions back again.

The boss appears, and they all attack. After a while of spamming attacks, they take the boss down. They enter the portal. The third act is complete, and they move into the fourth and final act.

They are now clearly playing in a different session, as the password has changed to NotButts. Entering the Plains of Despair starts with the team being surprise attacked, and Paul almost dies multiple times.

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