DIABLO REAL ESTATE is the eleventh episode of Diablo 2 Hardcore.

Upload Date February 25th 2014
Series Diablo 2
Episode No. 11

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

McJones times out and drops out of the game. McJones fixes his setup and returns. Jirard comes up with a way of getting everyone to McJones. Everyone teleports back to town except McJones, then McJones teleports everyone to him. Another wave of enemies puts both Austin and Paul down to low health. Paul gets poisoned, and took a long time to notice and almost dies. Jirard's teammate dies. There is a boss that is taking a lot to take down, as it has very high defense, and Paul almost dies again.

The mission 'The Guardian' appears. They are almost at the end of the third act. They arrive at the Durance of Hate. There is a lot of fire everywhere, and McJones takes a lot of damage, followed by Austin barely surviving from attacks. Jirard almost dies to the fireballs. Everyone needs to regather potions.

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