INTERNENARY! is the tenth episode of Diablo 2 Hardcore.

Upload Date January 22nd 2014
Series Diablo 2
Episode No. 10

Deaths Dean (and his skeletons)

Synopsis Edit

Jirard finds the Spider Cavern. Paul becomes the thermometer of what is funny. If Paul doesn't laugh, it's not funny. Paul gets left behind. They get involved in another fight with a large group of enemies, and Dean is killed by fire vomit. The mood deteriorates, as now the team has lost all of their skeletons. Paul and Jirard made sure to take all his gold.

They get back to town to regroup, and then try again. Paul slowly starts to die, but manages to get away. The team complete the next mission, and they get some new items. McJones takes a large amount of damage and almost dies, and starts using all of his potions.

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