"A raucous adventurer with a knack for pushing his luck- and he knows it. Another word for Dean would be: polarizing; you either love him or hate him. Love him for his ridiculous (and dangerous) antics or hate him for endangering the team."
— Dean’s Hardcore bio

Dean Elazab is PBG's friend. Dean is a lawyer, and the other Hardcore players joke that they don't want Dean to be their lawyer. Like McJones, Dean is not a YouTuber despite having a channel. However, he sometimes streams on Twitch.

Hardcore Appearances Edit

Dean is a Hardcore regular alongside PBG, McJones, Jeff, and Barry. In the first season of Minecraft Hardcore, he didn’t know what he was doing; it was the first time he played Minecraft. This is in contrast to the next season, DayZ Hardcore, where he was much more experienced with the game. In fact, in the Terraria Hardcore Season 3 Podcast, he had stated he purposfully didn’t play the game so he could be as "entertainingly stupid as possible."

In later, seasons, however, he tends to outlast some of the more experienced players and, like the others, takes the game and deaths more seriously. Unlike the earlier seasons, Dean is much more cautious and is quick to point out if someone was in trouble. Despite this, he still retains some of his earlier antics, such as screaming and not understanding the controls.

Dean has been the start of many running gags throughout the series, with “Who Needs a Map?” arguably the most memorable. Despite this, he seems to dislike the joke as of lately, becoming annoyed when the joke is mentioned. Another gag he created is the idea that he and McJones are meant to travel together. He usually tags along with McJones whenever the group splits up, much to McJones’ annoyance.

Out of all the regulars, Dean doesn’t record footage from his perspective. The only seasons he does this are DayZ Hardcore, Minecraft Hardcore Season 4, and Minecraft Hardcore Season 7. He was meant to record footage for Minecraft Hardcore Season 3 and MineZ Hardcore Season 1, but his footage became corrupted.

Hardcore Stats Edit

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Other Notes Last Words
Minecraft #1 17 Enderman whilst fighting Enderdragon Barry, Jon Despite this being his first time playing Minecraft, Dean made it all the way to the Enderdragon. "Oh, he ran into me. The dragon- I’m dead."
DayZ 2 Shot by players Barry, Ross, Jared Barry and Dean were killed within 2 seconds of each other. "Oh! Dead!"
Terraria #1 5 Crushed by a boulder Jon, Jeff, Austin While McJones and him were mining, they both were crushed by a boulder at the same time.
Minecraft #2 5 After fighting a zombie, he is killed by a skeleton that he didn't see Kyrak, Jared, NCS, Austin, McJones, Barry "Bad!"
Diablo 2 10 Killed by fire vomit after being attack by a large group of enemies Austin, McJones, Jirard, Paul "Augh!"
Minecraft #3 5 Blown up by a creeper Jon, Jared, McJones, Austin, Shane, Smooth McGroove Moments before dying, Dean asked for someone else to watch his back. "Hey, can you come out with me, so I have someone to watch my back for creepers?"
MineZ #1 13 Zombie attack McJones, Jeff, Brutalmoose, Barry, Austin Dean was left in the pirate ship, but the recording of his death became corrupted. SpaceHamster has stated that he was killed by a zombie.[1]
Terraria #2 10 A single demon eye Austin, ProtonJon, Jeff, McJones Dean and PBG race, and Dean gets into some trouble. PBG refuses to go back to help, resulting in Dean's death. "Fuck!"
Minecraft #4 none - McJones, Jeff, Austin Four people achieved the goal this season.
Minecraft #5 13 Ray was mining in the nether, when lava poured out where Dean was standing. Austin, Jeff, Ray, McJones With this death, Dean became the first player to die in every Minecraft dimension. "God, RIP."
Terraria #3 22 Spikes Lucahjin, Yungtown, McJones "We’re not gonna-”
MineZ #2 5 Attacked by a sword zombie while at low health. Austin, Jeff, Brutalmoose, Jared, McJones, Barry "God! No no no no no no no no no no no no!"
Minecraft #6 none - Chad, Jeff Three people achieved the goal this season.
Minecraft #7


References Edit

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