DayZ Hardcore is the second season of Hardcore. The series involves PeanutButterGamer, Dean, McJones, Barry trying to escape an island infested by zombies. They are accompanied by JonTron, RubberRoss, and ProJared.

List of Episodes Edit

Episode No Episode Title/Wiki Page Link to video
1 Ft. RubberRoss + ProJared Video
3 FINALE! Video
Extra Train Wreck Blooper Video

Death Chart Edit

Name Username Episode of Death Cause of Death Other Notes
Last Words
Stewart (McJones) McJonesRylie 1 Gets shot at before meeting up with the others "Oh, I'm being shot at!"


PBG 1 Glitches and falls off a building "There's two- OH I FELL! I FELL!"


JONTRON 1 Jumps off the same building that PBG fell off of, and survives, only to be killed by a zombie seconds later "No, no! Don't hit me! Don't hit me!"
Dean balmung 2 While running with Barry, Dean is shot at as soon as he enters a building "Is there one in between me and you?"
Barry razzbarry 2 While running with Dean, Barry is shot at as soon as he enters the same building Dean tried to enter. He dies soon after Dean. "I died."


RubberRoss 3 Killed by a zombie, after running out of ammo. “Nooooo! *weird gargling noises* I’m dead”


ProJared 3 Shot on a building, and blown up with a grenade moments later "Did he just throw a—"

Result Edit

After everyone else dies very early on, ProJared is left on his own. Eventually, he gets gunned down and hit by a grenade, ending the run.

In the blooper episode, they are about to begin, when everyone except for Ross, PBG and Barry is shot and killed. Eventually Ross dies too. They decide to start over because a Hardcore that lasts two minutes would not be interesting.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the shortest season to date, with only three episodes.
  • This is the first season of Hardcore to feature ProJared, a reoccuring member who still appears regularly.
  • If DayZ Trainwreck counts, that episode has the most deaths in one episode, with 5 deaths in this order: Jared, Dean, Jon, McJones and then Ross. However, this has now been equalled by the finale of MineZ #2, which also had 5 deaths in one episode.