Another Halloween has arrived, and PBG celebrates by playing Darkseed 2.

Darkseed 2
Upload Date October 24th 2011
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Synopsis Edit

It's Halloween and PBG is drinking the entrails (jello) of his latest victim. He was going to dress up as Yu-Gi-Oh, but forgot the costume. Last year, he played Darkseed, and wanted to review Darkseeed 2. He is going to spoil the ending here.

PBG explains the storyline. PBG notes that Mike speaks differently in each game. The people in the town are 'special', including a guy that shakes, a guy that just wants to mow his lawn, and a guy who pops up from behind the bushes. A clown dies because he couldn't walk a short distance to get his medicine. Mike has some witty comments.

PBG commentates a bar fight in the game. Mike is asked by one the characters if it is day or night. PBG thinks this is easy, until he rewinds the tape where Mike says he can't tell if it is day or night. The biggest WTF moment in the game is when a woman's head explodes. PBG remembers Mike, and discusses how his girlfriend died. Mike and Jack were the same person and Jack killed Mike.