PBG reviews Darkseed for MS DOS for an early Halloween special.

Darkseed (MS DOS)
Upload Date October 10th 2010
Series Reviews


Synopsis Edit

With eerie music borrowed from Super Mario 64, there are different shots from around Austin's house including some light switches, a duck plush, and Austin on the couch holding a controller. Someone knocks on Austin's door. When he opens it, there is a box that says 'To: PBG From: A "special" fan'. He picks it up, says that he didn't know he had any fans, shrugs, and closes the door.

In the box is Darkseed, a MS DOS game. PBG has never heard of it, so he decides to give it a review. He had to find a MS DOS emulator to play it. The artwork is worth the playing it alone. The main character points out everything with a lot of detail. PBG describes the weird "alieny" story, and then wonders why he used the word "alieny".

PBG explores the town, and finds that the barber shop is never used in the game, which is a shame because the main character could use a haircut. Eventually, the main character will die because the player did something wrong, or missed something that was supposed to have been done. There is no way to know what to do - it is full of trial and error and is very unforgiving.

One insignificant error, and the character will die and have to start all over again. Stealing a gun on the first day will lead to the player getting arrested, it must be taken on the second day. How would someone know that? Some required items are very difficult to find, like a bobby pin that looks like a crack in the ground.

Eventually, PBG makes it into the alien world, and is once again impressed by the unusual and disturbing artwork. The two worlds interact with each other. An open door in one world will open the same door in the other world. The game isn't terrible, but it expects too much from the players. It is worth looking at the strange alien artwork, and could be worth it if players are fine with dying a lot or using walkthroughs.

PBG finishes the video and puts the game on his shelf.  He gets back to his recording area, and finds the game sitting there. He throws the game outside and locks the door. He goes to bed. The game case appears floating above PBG's bed looking ghost-like. It opens and reveals a creepy scene from the game before screaming.