Dark Deception - (SCARY PACMAN!)
Upload Date February 27th 2015
Series One-offs


PBG plays the demo for Dark Deception. It is like a scary version of Pac-Man.

Synopsis Edit

PBG is in the dark as he is playing a scary game today! He found this game on Tumblr, and this is the demo of Dark Deception. It is Pac-Man with horror themes.

PBG starts in a house and is told instructions. PBG thinks it is thoughtful of her to release a monster from his worst nightmares! PBG collects the purple things like Pac-Man, and is told to run! He sprints, as he thought he saw the monster. There is a freaky monkey chasing him. PBG isn't sure if he should go fast or not.

He sees the monster, and yells. He becomes terrified, and wasn't expecting it to be so freaky! He starts trying to use his mini-map more. He thinks there are more than one. PBG finds a red shard and thinks it is like the cherry. PBG is told to run, and he stops and looks around looking for the monster!

He sees it and moves, only to see another enemy in another corridor, confirming his suspicions of multiple enemies. PBG gets trapped by bother enemies! He got so close! He finds that he has another life. He is trapped again.

PBG is on his third life. He tries to open doors, but none of them seem to open. PBG completes the level, after only dying twice! He got a D. This was much shorter than he thought it would be! As far as PBG knows, the game was cancelled. It was an interesting concept. PBG ends the video early.

He tries to use Siri to search whether or not the game has been cancelled, but he continued talking after his search, and Siri continued to listen. PBG laughs at Siri.

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