PBG and Jeff take the entire episode discussing how they met.

DOWNHILL FROM HERE: Donkey Kong Country 2 #4 - PB&Jeff
Upload Date July 20th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Donkey Kong Country 2


Synopsis Edit

PBG is happy that they got the intro right for once. PBG launches himself into an enemy. Jeff takes over. He gets dumped into a swamp trap. PBG looks at an enemy that he thinks has shoes. PBG throws himself into the swamp again. Jeff gets tricked by a crocodile, and falls into the swamp. Rambi being launched out of the barrel looks awesome.

PBG talks about teckdecks (skateboards) and wants to play with Jeff's. Jeff looks at a bee's butt. Jeff throws Diddy into a bonus barrel. Jeff points out the treasure map. They reach the end of the level.

PBG wants to do the carnival level. PBG plays an underwater level, and finds a secret. They discuss the awesome game music. PBG and Jeff answer how they met playing Counter Strike. Normal Boots had already started, and PBG and Jon hosted game nights. They discuss Napoleon Wars. PBG is obsessed with NBA 2K.

Jeff is surprised as an enemy explodes. PBG remembered, but forgot! PBG hits a fish, and Jeff takes over. PBG tries to make the sound effect of a fish chomping. They finish the level, and Jeff finishes the story.

They discuss Counter Strike Go, and compare it to the original. PBG wants to switch in when Jeff can't. Jeff wonders if a crocodile under the check point will go under. He doesn't so Jeff jumps. The crocodile goes under right when Jeff is about to land, trolling him! PBG takes over, but gets hit by a bee. PBG wants to take over again. Diddy's eyes look terrified. He looks like Bart Simpson! PBG jumps across all the crocodiles and reaches the end of the level. It took until the end of the episode to tell the whole story!

PBG cuts off Jeff on the bye. Jeff is really mad.

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