Wario starts to dominate the games, and PBG almost quits the game.

DON'T DO IT, WARIO! (Ft. ProJared!) - Mario Party 2 | HORRORLAND (Part 4)
Upload Date January 13th 2017
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Jared introduces the himself, while PBG introduces himself as Jeff. Jeff has no idea who he is.

Turn 14 Edit

Jared buys a golden mushroom. Wario gets the star. They play a battle game. They play Bumper Balloon Cars, and Jared is not looking forward to it. They want to take out Wario. Jared and Jeff tie. PBG decides to do another loop as a thwomp is blocking the path. They play Skateboard Scamper. Wario wins by a long way.

Turn 15 Edit

Jeff hopes that Jared doesn't get the star. PBG makes it day time. This is great for Jared. They play Totem Pole Pound. They accidentally played a practice. Jeff discusses the introduction to the game. Jared win. There are 5 turns left, and Koopa predicts Jeff to win. PBG thinks Toad looks cute.

Turn 16 Edit

Jared rolls just high enough to get the star. Everyone who matters has a star! All of the hidden blocks were in the last game. Wario uses the warp to get to the star. Wario is a machine! They play Roll Call. Everyone guesses wrong.

Turn 17 Edit

Jared lands on the bank. PBG almost quits the game, and the game appears to reset, but after a few seconds comes back.

Current Scores Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 Wario 2 44
2 Jared 1 112
3 PBG 1 22
4 Jeff 0 56

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