PBG decided to play a Sonic game - but played whatever this is instead.

Upload Date September 5th 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

People have been asking PBG to play a Sonic game, so he is playing Sonic Dreams Collection instead. Oh boy. He wanted a video to go alongside his Sonic cartoon video.

He starts with Sonic Movie Maker. The instructions are in Spanish now! He decides to go and do it. This is disturbing. He finds out how to move things around. He picks up the camera, and finds Sonic moving around on the ground. He moves Sonic onto the car. PBG throws Sonic around, and knocks over other cameras. He takes Sonic to the exit, and finds a spring for Sonic to jump off of. PBG can't find the exit. The 'movie' is played back to him.

He goes to the next scene, and pulls on a ring. The next scene starts, and has Rogue and Sonic doing something together. PBG heads out and watches the 'movie'.

PBG is at a hotel now and is creeped out. There are weird sound effects. Tails is on the ground, and PBG comes across several Sonic characters making out on a bed. PBG thinks Tails is either dead or drunk. PBG tries to take Tails to the doctor.

PBG is forced to feed Sonic as his stomach gets bigger. PBG doesn't want to see this happen. More food appears, but PBG can't find the camera. It finally appears, and PBG records himself feeding Sonic. PBG is afraid of this. A cake with Tails in it appears. Tails is dead. PBG doesn't like this game.

Sonic is now in the hospital, as other characters watch. Rings shoot out of Sonic. A chao, and a chaos emerald pops out. Eventually Tails pops out. Tails starts breakdancing. PBG plays with the chaos emerald and throws Tails around. PBG sees the camera outside, and breaks the window to get it. PBG leaves through the creepy exit. PBG is more afraid of this then most horror games!

PBG finds himself in a stomach and carries the chaos emerald to see. PBG is terrified when he sees Big the Cat. PBG finds himself born. A party is thrown, and all the characters are burning to death.

PBG tells Jeff that that was weird.

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