PBG plays a Kung Fu platformer level, while Jeff plays the very fun Gamer level, which features microgames like WarioWare has.

DEMON MOM! - Game and Wario #4
Upload Date May 27th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Game and Wario


Synopsis Edit

PBG applauds as Jeff introduces Game and Wario. PBG plays the Kung Fu level. Jeff and PBG imagine creating food out of thin air. PBG falls into a hole, and Jeff thought that he would die. PBG finds one of the secret scrolls. PBG misses a scroll and falls in the water. There is almost no consequence. PBG missed a scroll. He falls in the water again. PBG doesn't need Jeff, so he leaves. PBG clears the stage. PBG is not having fun.

Gamer should be fun. They complain about the lack of microgames. Jeff is horrified at the title screen for Gamer. Jeff has to play microgames on the tablet. PBG has to move the camera. Jeff gets busted. The mom is terrifying. Jeff manages to hear mom's footsteps and hide. Mom can come through the TV! Jeff does the boss stage, but loses because mom comes through the window. Jeff gets hit in the boss stage again. Jeff wins the game.

That was the most fun game that they played. PBG thinks they should play a different WarioWare game. They discuss different WarioWare games they can play.

Before they end the episode, they play with the capsule machine. PBG shakes his hair back. Jeff asks PBG if he wants to play video games.

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