Day Z Hardcore was a trainwreck, but it could have been even worse!

DayZ Hardcore! - Train Wreck Blooper
Upload Date November 27th 2012
Series DayZ Hardcore


Synopsis Edit

PBG introduces the video. This is bonus content from DayZ Hardcore. PBG and Barry are chillin' waiting for everyone else. PBG would normally do a highlights episode, but since this episode wasn't very long he decides to show off this blooper instead.

He goes over his idea for the DayZ season. He brings up a map. He shows where they would start. There would be two teams, one with 5 members, the other with 2. PBG and Barry were unlucky enough to be the two. Ross is seen swimming towards the others.

The game is very glitchy. It took around 45 minutes to get the starting positions set up. This is what happened when they first started seconds after they started. The actual season was a train wreck, this was even worse.

Someone straight away shoots everyone except for Ross. Ross claims that he has won! There are zombies in the water! They argue whether or not they officially started or not. McJones argues that they haven't started, as he hasn't even started recording yet. PBG tells the people who have died to stop talking. PBG starts laughing.

Dean thinks they shouldn't have met up like that. They decide to start off again.

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