PBG makes a review about a game that he started playing, but stopped - Cursed Mountain.

Cursed Mountain
Upload Date April 18th 2011
Series Reviews


Synopsis Edit

Cursed Mountain is one of those games that PBG played for a while, and then stopped. He doesn't remember why he stopped playing, so he decided to start playing again. It is a survival horror game, and he picks back up from where he left off. He sneaks up on some ghosts, but they keep on disappearing on him. No matter how slow he gets, he founds out that it isn't about how slowly the player moves, it is about avoiding dust that looks like it was there for decoration.

The next segment of the game purely involves spinning the controller around for a few minutes, and PBG is obviously bored. PBG gets into a combat stage, and he forgets how to do it. He kills ghosts by hitting it with a stick, and every time he dies, he has to do the spinning thing again. Either the game is too confusing or PBG just sucks - probably both.

PBG describes the story, and the main character's brother is a douche bag. The mustached guy is obviously evil because he has a mustache. The game ends up being boring and repetitive.

PBG skips to the final boss, which looks cool, but it is really boring and can be beaten the same way that every other boss can be beaten. PBG realizes this is one of those "Nothing is wrong with me, but I'm going to die anyway" stories. PBG doesn't want to play this game again.

Throughout the video, PBG shows himself talking to JonTron as still images (and PBG voices both of them). JonTron 'plays' an old man telling PBG how to play and how much it sucks.

PBG shows an outtake of him face palming. Jon tells him that he should show the controller in the shot, and PBG tells him that he doesn't want to hit his head again.

Trivia Edit

  • This is another episode that shows PBG's opening theme.