PBG competed in a Chivalry Deadliest Warrior Tournament with Polaris members. This is the qualifying

Chivalry Deadliest Warrior Polaris Tournament!
Upload Date December 13th 2013
Series One offs



Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jared are playing Chivalry Deadliest Warrior in free for all. In this video, you can hear ProJared, WoWCrendor, and Keyori. Also participating are Yogscast Simon + Lewis, Cryaotic, TotalBiscuit, JesseCox, Dodger, Strippin, YogscastLalna, Angry Joe, Markiplier, UberHaxorNova and BedBananas.

PBG is just going for Dodger, and gets killed twice early. PBG is a pirate. Jared is being attacked by ninjas. Someone gets a double kill. PBG isn't playing with sound. It is hard. Jared ends up killing PBG. Markiplier is a scumbag! PBG thinks he killed Jesse, and no longer wants to look at his score.

PBG repeatedly gets killed. Jared gets killed by PBG's weak blunderbuss! They agree that 1v1 was a mistake. Jared is surprised when he kills someone with a shuriken. PBG did well in the practice rounds, but now he is blowing it. There are a lot of ninjas! PBG sees Jesse, but Crendor got him first.

Jared kills PBG again. PBG is second to last! He looks at his scores despite saying he wouldn't and is frustrated. Jared has a kill stolen. PBG finally gets another blunderbuss kill. Jared yells at Keyori for shooting him despite the fact that they were having a sword duel! PBG changes to the samurai class.

Keyori gets into trouble. Every one was playing strategically in the practice, but now everyone is mashing. Jared gets an epic duel with Markiplier and wins. He gets Markiplier again. PBG is dying a lot. PBG kills Jared, and is still doing so badly compared to everyone else. Jared is trapped among many other people. PBG stabs Angry Joe in the face, and apologizes to Dodger for cutting her head off!

PBG wants to kill everyone who has more subscribers then he has. Everyone is picking on Keyori! PBG celebrates for killing someone with his bow. Keyori is almost in last place now, and PBG is climbing up the board! Everyone is surprised that Dodger is in first. Jared is excited when he kills two people in one hit. PBG also gets a double kill. Dodger is just using a flail.

There are so many ninjas attacking everyone. Keyori was third and then stuff happened. PBG gets excited as he kills other people. He gets trapped between Jesse Cox and Angry Joe. Dodger came in first!

Jared came in the middle which is what he wanted. Keyori came second last, and PBG was fourth from last. Crendor is happy that he came fourth! PBG feels bad for whoever gets teamed up with Dodger. The qualifier is over, and every one gets teamed up. Jared feels sorry for whoever has to play with Keyori. PBG and Crendor end up getting paired up together.