PBG sings about Charlie Church Mouse.

Charlie Church Mouse (+ Song)
Upload Date September 15th 2016
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Synopsis Edit

Peebs shows footage from the last video. The video ran long, so he cut Charlie Church. PBG wants to give it a shot. PBG is made of 83% morbid curiosity. PBG claps as the game starts. PBG watches the long intro as he looks at the box. Half of what the game advertises is the fact that it is a game!

PBG chooses the Three Wise Men. It is a maze, and the sound effects sound like racing cars. PBG has nothing to say about it. He begins singing about the game.

The lyrics are mostly from what is written somewhere on the game. He sings about the characters in the game. PBG doesn't want to play any more. PBG decides to watch the show instead. PBGeebus appears who calls himself Charles. He tells PBG to do things that he enjoys. It takes him too long to leave.

PBG looks over at his game collection. PBG runs around and rolls on the ground outside. he runs to his game collection, and knocks everything off the desk revealing Arthur's Computer Games.

PBG opens another lootcrate - and takes off the wig. PBG has the Lootcrate DX box. The theme is anti-hero. He has a suicide squad belt that he wears as a headband. He gets a Deadshot figure. A Deadpool glasses case and sunglasses. He also gets a Deadpool poster. Followed by a anti-hero pin and a Handsome Jack head. There are batteries. PBG loses a battery. The head lights up.

PBG dances.