Castle of Deceit is PBG's Halloween episode for this year.

Castle of Deceit
Upload Date October 31st 2012
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Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing a mod that puts Link and Mario characters into Skyrim. PBG recently moved, and saw a lot of things on the three days it took for him to move.

However, he does have a Halloween video to show, and begins discussing Castle of Deceit. The company that made this game had to change their name due to their terrible image after making so many poor quality games. PBG has made a video for this game because there is no Darkseed 3, he hasn't had a lot of time (lazy), and this game is kind of scary looking.

The game gives almost no information to start off. PBG discusses the main character. The magic power of this character is really lame. The jumping is made difficult to do because the mechanic is made so poorly. The enemy AI is also very strange. The game is hard, but PBG starts getting the hang of it.

All of the bosses are basically the same, but some are harder than others. There are only two songs in the entire game, the boss music and the one that is used throughout the rest of the game. It isn't even fitting to the actual game. PBG realizes that this wasn't a very scary game, and it wasn't scary enough to make a Halloween video for it anyway.