PBG and Jeff play through the first two levels of the adorable Yoshi's Woolly World.

CUTENESS! - Yoshi's Woolly World (Part 1)
Upload Date October 12th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff were given a copy of Yoshi's Woolly World. They watch the opening cutscene. They skip the end of the story. They run around in the hub. PBG goes into the theartre even though there is nothing there. They find World 1-1.

PBG starts by eating Jeff! PBG keeps on getting confused as to which Yoshi he is. They are surprised when PBG figures out how to kill a piranha plant. They find a secret. The game plays like the SNES version - PBG's favorite. PBG figures out how to create platforms with the yarn, and Jeff tries to leave PBG behind. They find some secrets by pulling yarn.

They see a yarn ball, and can't get it. They find more secrets. Everything dies in an adorable way! They get stuck on a cloud, and PBG pushes Jeff off! PBG kills himself by falling off. They keep on hitting each other with yarn balls. PBG likes picking up the shiny happy gems. They reach the goal.

They play a bonus mini game about collecting fruit. Jeff wins after getting the watermelon. They head into World 1-2. They want to use a badge, but fail to select any. Jeff tries to get yarn to unlock a platform, but PBG moves away, killing him. Jeff is turned into a ball and is thrown at the platform!

PBG likes how Yoshi's feet turn into wheels. They both try to jump on a leaf while trying to activate a secret. Jeff throws PBG up to the secret, before activating the steps to it! The Yoshi's are turned into umbrellas. PBG gets all the gems. Jeff finds a door behind some blocks. PBG falls. Jeff tries to get a gem, and PBG decides to not let him get it by leaving. PBG will make an apology video for that later!

They reach the end of the stage. PBG complains that Nintendo sent the game to Jeff.

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