PBG and Jeff play a basketball-like game called Pitball.

Upload Date October 21st 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing Pitball. Jeff makes a mistake, and PBG yells at him for it. They watch the opening cutscene, and PBG gets excited about it. They choose their teams. Jeff shows Earth, which has a giant mountain sticking out of it.

They begin to play. PBG scores instantly while Jeff was trying to teach him! PBG's teammate scores again after Jeff states that it is difficult to score. Jeff's teammate misses completely!

Jeff's teammate scores, and they realize that they aren't going to be scoring. Jeff finally scores himself. PBG scores and is happy that his teammate passed to him. PBG gets further in front. PBG blocks a shot and scores from a long way out.

PBG scores an own goal! They both keep on scoring. It is really easy to score. Jeff misses from directly in front of the goal! Jeff scores with 5 seconds left. PBG wins 6-5.

PBG doesn't want to play again since he won. PBG misreads the text for the new planet, and wants it to be cut out. PBG is confused as the characters throw stuff on the field. Jeff scores three goals in a row. PBG wants to be the fast little guys again. Jeff runs up to the goal, and scores this time.

Jeff gets further and further ahead. Jeff leads 8-0, and PBG wants to switch. As soon as they switch, Jeff scores as PBG's team! PBG leaves and returns to end the video.

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