Jeff plays a Crazy Taxi like mini game in Game and Wario.

CRAZY TAXI! - Game and Wario #6
Upload Date June 22nd 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Game and Wario


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff sing. PBG wants Jeff to play Taxi. They continue to make Star Wars references. A character gets abducted, and the cat has a bazooka. Jeff likes the weird realistic images. The farmer's animals are being abducted, and PBG puts on a Texan accent.

PBG gets to be the camera man again. It is not PBG's fault if Jeff's reflection doesn't look good. PBG messes with the camera as Jeff does the introduction. Jeff shoots the UFOs and saves the abductees. Jeff tries to drive off a cliff. PBG comments that this game is like Crazy Taxi in a weird way.

Jeff keeps moving the tablet away so PBG can't see. The mothership appears. Jeff tries to shoot the mothership, but it shoots down. Jeff has to dodge the mothership. PBG zooms in and out on Jeff's face. Jeff defeats the mothership. Jeff drives around collecting stars. Jeff clears Taxi. The next game is Pirates. PBG knew it was a good idea to let Jeff play Taxi. The lights start flickering, and PBG and Jeff panic as they finish the video.

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