"Quiet, chill, and quick of wit, Barry’s the rock of the group. He wouldn’t say this, far too modest, but you just can’t help but think he’s so dang cool. While he’s not one for leadership, affixing Barry to a task almost guarantees it’ll be done safely and quickly."
— Barry's description during Minecraft Hardcore Season 5

Barry Kramer was the editor of and a member of Game Grumps. He started as solely editing Game Grumps episodes for Jon and Arin, but eventually took on hosting duties of his own show as well.


Barry is a Hardcore regular (only missing Minecraft Hardcore #3, #6 and Terraria Hardcore #3) alongside PeanutButterGamer, Jeff, Dean and McJones. He is known for being a strong silent type. He works hard and benefits the team, but doesn't talk very much. While he does very well in some seasons (Minecraft Hardcore #1), he often does very poorly in other seasons (Minecraft Hardcore #4). More often than not, he is either the first, second or last to die.

Hardcore Appearances Edit

Hardcore Stats Edit

Season Episode of Death Cause of death Remaining Players Other notes Last words
Minecraft Season 1 none none Jon After completing the goal, Jon and Barry have a duel to the death, ending with Barry defeating Jon.

This season makes Barry the first regular to complete the goal for a season.

DayZ 2 Shot by players Ross, Jared Barry is killed mere seconds after Dean. "Oh! I died."
Terraria Season 1 3 Demon Eye Paul, McJones, Dean, Jon, Jeff, Austin "No!"
Minecraft Season 2 20 Zombie Pigman none "Woah! Woah!"
Diablo 2 6 Fighting a large group of enemies Dean, Austin, McJones, Paul, Jirard Nobody else even realizes Barry dies until after the fight is over. "Woah, oh my-!"
MineZ 16 Died to the Giant's shockwave attack PBG BrutalMoose and SpaceHamster were slain by the giant moments earlier.

The deaths in this season aren't in the correct order; Barry is shown to die last, but McJones confirms in a comment that PBG was actually the last to die.

Terraria Season 2 10 Many Corruption enemies Dean, Austin, ProtonJon, Jeff, McJones His death is similar to the last Terraria season; cornered while fighting monsters with Jeff. "I already used a potion! Oh-!"
Minecraft Season 4 10 Poisoned by a wither skeleton, followed by a suprise attack from a baby zombie pigman Austin, Caddicarus, Jeff, McJones, Dean "I think one you guys should take-"
Minecraft Season 5 7 Attacked by a Cave Spider while stuck in a cobweb Austin, Ray, Jared, Jeff, Dean, McJones "I can't get out!"
MineZ Season 2 12 Fell on the first jump of the Floating Isles Jeff, Ian, Jared Barry and PBG died at almost exactly the same time. "Ahhhh! Oh no!"