PBG plays a creepy iPad game to go with his latest video on his main channel.

Baby Stomach Surgery for Some Reason!
Upload Date August 11th 2014
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG welcomes to this odd video. PBG isn't even sure if he will upload the video. He has an iPad, and has found some baby games to play. Maybe it will be funny.

PBG looks at the thumbnail image - there is a baby with a torch being lit in her eyes! There are ads all over the place. PBG is playing Baby Stomach Surgery! PBG comments on the opening screen. He reads the amusing plot. PBG tells Hazel to stop crying. He sees Mickey Mouse in the background!

PBG begins to play. The words all run together. Hazel makes a creepy face, and PBG sees more Mickey Mouse references! PBG gives Hazel what she wants - even though she didn't want the apple. Hazel is so big compared to the mom! Hazel eats nuts and PBG makes fun of an ad.

Hazel begins having to go to the bathroom. PBG finds it amusing. Hazel doesn't look so good, and has to constantly go to the bathroom. PBG levels up and sees a smiley face kissing at him!

PBG speaks for the mom in a weird woman voice. He comments on the mom bringing her car around. PBG isn't comfortable with kissing Hazel all over. Hazel's face is really creepy. She's got to go to the bathroom again! PBG doesn't know what a hot water bottle is.

They make it to the doctor's surgery. PBG rants about the text. PBG complains that he has to do exactly what the game wants him to do! PBG freaks out when he has to lift Hazel's shirt! PBG is upset by this game. PBG comments on how frequently Hazel is going to the bathroom. She's going to die, and she is very large!

PBG doesn't want to lift her dress up again, as he gives her an injection in her leg. There is a Hello Kitty doll! PBG takes a long time to remember Beanie Babies. PBG thinks he is being taught how to take care of a baby!

Hazel gets back home. PBG has to kiss her more. PBG doesn't want to rub oil on her. PBG thinks he is going to be arrested for playing this game! Suddenly, Hazel starts to talk! PBG makes her food, and Hazel doesn't want it anymore. PBG hates Hazel! PBG feeds baby Hazel. PBG wonders if he is done yet. This isn't even a game! Hazel goes to sleep. Hazel's stomach pain is gone! OBG levels up and wins the game!

PBG is so glad he got an iPad.

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