Jeff goes bowling, while PBG tries to keep a bird alive.

BOWLING FOR WARIOS! - Game and Wario #8
Upload Date June 27th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Game and Wario


Synopsis Edit

PBG was ready to play video games before Jeff was born - even though Jeff is older then him. PBG tries to do a reach around snap, but doesn't do very good. The next game is Bowling. Jeff plays as PBG checks to see if there is something in his nose.

Jeff has to hit pins with the character's faces on them. One of Jeff's bowls rolls all over the alley before turning back around to hit the pin! The ball has a mind of its own. Jeff manages to curve all the balls into the pins. PBG wants a go, and gets a gutter ball! Jeff's perfect score is ruined. His next roll is a spare. PBG misses the next one again. Jeff takes over and continues to get a strike. The 10th challenge has every character. Everyone but Wario is knocked over! Jeff clears the game.

PBG asks Isabelle why. "You know what you did" They play the capsule machine again. The next game is Bird, and PBG wants to zoom in on the bird. The camera is almost out of battery. This game looks like a Game&Watch game. PBG dies. PBG shows off the tablet, which looks like Game&Watch. The land goes away when the ground vanishes.

PBG and Jeff talks about the new Mount and Blade game. PBG gets land back, but dies instantly afterwards. Jeff sent PBG the trailer of Mount and Blade when PBG should have been working. PBG makes a mistake straight away, losing some land quickly. They will check out the multiplayer after this.

PBG and Jeff are doing this because the fans made them. PBG starts dancing again. It was the fan's fault that PBG was dancing! The camera dies.

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