PBG and Jeff play one more bootleg game.

BOOTLEG MARIO GAME! - Super Mario World 64
Upload Date September 26th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG wants to listen to the opening music. This is Jeff's last bootleg game from Russia. PBG jumps into a giant bullet bill and claims that he didn't. The game is just Super Mario World early on. Jeff explains the annoying controls as PBG dies in silence. PBG struggles to get past a piranha plant. He keeps on making the exact same mistake. Jeff takes over, and dies on the bullet bill, getting a game over.

Jeff somehow gets the mushroom to go the other way. They comment on the disintegrating blocks clipping out. Jeff makes it to the checkpoint before falling into a pit due to having no momentum. He gets launched out of a pipe instead of starting at the checkpoint! After having to jump across koopas over a pit, PBG compares the game to Kaizo Mario. PBG completes the first level.

PBG gets annoyed by the lag, and jumps off the ledge to his death. This level has a lot of precise jumps - even though the controls aren't very good. PBG falls off the ledge, only to land on another block to safety. He falls off again and misses another ledge. PBG wonders why Jeff is making him play these awful games. Jeff points out something that is glitching at the top of the screen.

PBG continues to struggle with the same koopas, and wants Jeff to blame the terrible controls. Jeff replies that it might be a little bit of PBG's fault! PBG demands that Jeff take over. PBG accuses Jeff of practicing this before PBG came over. Jeff wants the viewer to look at the glitch, believing that it is the bottom of the bullet bill. Jeff succeeds in jumping off both koopas that PBG was having trouble with. Jeff has to make a leap of faith and misses. After Jeff keeps on dying, PBG wants to take over again. PBG doesn't want to believe that Jeff beat this game.

They finish as PBG accidentally walks off a ledge.