PBG and Jeff play a bootlegged game from Russia that Jeff played for a video on his channel.

BOOTLEG MARIO GAME! - Mario 4 a Space Odyssey
Upload Date August 14th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

Jeff explains that this is a bootleg game from Russia. It is called "Mario 4 A Space Odyssey" on the Sega Genesis. Austin wanted to try this out after seeing Jeff's video.

Austin glides off the stage. The game freezes. They reset, and Jeff points out the music and they both dance. PBG dies to a bob-omb. He dies to the first Shy guy twice. PBG jumps off a pipe and dies after trying to do a running jump. PBG keeps on falling into pits, and the game keeps on crashing.

They had to switch to an emulator as the game isn't co-operating. PBG continues to die to enemies and pits. They see the creepy game over screen. The developers probably took it from Deviant Art. Jeff likes the many pieces of music used in this level. PBG complains that it is impossible to know whether or not Mario is running or not.

Jeff gets PBG to find the secret at the top of the level. PBG finds a mushroom. Jeff argues that he tried to forget as much of the game as possible. PBG sees another horrifying game over screen. It could work as a thumbnail. PBG wants to see the end of the level. PBG give up and gives the controller to Jeff.

They discuss the difference between unlicensed and bootleg. Jeff works out that they can use the mushroom to knock out the bricks. Jeff admits that he had to use save states when playing this game. PBG wants to only play bad Mario games on PB&Jeff.

Jeff wants to play a different game, but PBG wants to finish the level. Jeff doubts himself, and would have made a gap, but moved back and dies. Jeff gets ripped off after landing on top of the enemy and still dying. Intense music starts playing, and PBG takes it as a sign that this will be the winning attempt. PBG decides to try one more time. This is one of the worst games that Jeff has ever played.

Jeff wonders how long it would take to beat this game without save states. PBG can't believe that they can't beat the first level. Jeff gets further into the level then he ever has. They begin to get excited. Jeff walks to the end, and they cheer when they clear the level.

PBG decides to keep running until he dies. Jeff beats the second level as the annotations are put up. He starts speed running through the third level, and finally dies. PBG hits the microphone and apologizes.