PBG, SpaceHamster and The Completionist fight a boss in Dungeon Defenders 2.

BETSY! - Dungeon Defenders 2 (Ft. The Completionist + SpaceHamster!)
Upload Date October 14th 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing Dungeon Defenders 2 with Jirard and Jeff. This is the second video. They are doing a boss fight. Jeff and Jirard have already done it before, and doesn't want to tell PBG anything - so Jeff will do everything for PBG! They enter the level and see the dragon. PBG thinks it is Mario who has been infected by some disease. Jeff explains how the tainted ground and the boss fight works.

They set up their barriers and weapons. The battle begins. PBG is scared. PBG rambles about his mother telling him not to be scared. The enemies are very tough. PBG struggles, and the egg is under attack. PBG is out of mana already! The enemies are breaking through the middle! The egg gets attacked. PBG can only damage the little guys. Jirard says that they can't lose a single egg! They survived a wave.

They are not completely dead. The middle lane is completely destroyed. They start again. PBG stays in the middle wave the whole time. Jirard dies. The dragon if flying down, and PBG doesn't have time to look at it! PBG tries to repair the guns. The towers stayed up. The egg is being attacked. They complete the wave, and PBG levels up to level 16.

They inspect the damage. A mini boss is going to appear on the far right. They are doing it for their parents! Even though PBG's mom won't care! PBG takes heavy damage. The guy arrives, and he has a lot of HP. There are a lot of aerial guys. PBG jumps into the fire, and dies. The boss broke through, and the egg is under attack. They get him, but the middle lane is down completely! PBG needs more mana. They get through the raid, and they cheer. They are doing better then they thought.

PBG has very few gems to work with. They set up their weapons again. All the lanes are cursed. PBG is worried as they only have one wall in the lane! They start the next wave, and there are some big guys already. PBG camps in the middle lane. There are tons of things everywhere, and the egg is attacked! PBG is out of mana. They say their last words. PBG can't do anything as the egg gets attacked! PBG is too low leveled for this! The egg is down, and they are defeated.

The dragons name was Betsy! It was fun, but they couldn't do much. They are thankful that they get rewards between waves. PBG has a look at the training dummy. They did a great job for how they went.

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