Part 2 of PBG, TotalBiscuit, Crendor and Criken playing Guns of Icarus.

BATTLE ROYALE #2! - Guns of Icarus Ft. TotalBiscuit, Crendor, + Criken!
Upload Date May 22nd 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

Match 3 Edit

The group are backing away. TotalBiscuit was bracing for damage, so they were OK. They pass an enemy ship and ram him. They take him down, but a teammate also goes down. A second team mate also is taken out! All the ships are in the same area.

They take down two more enemy ships quickly. They target another enemy. They maneuver around to their target. TB discovers that it is an ally all along. They keep on shooting until they get a hit marker. They continue hitting their enemy and TB gives up and decides to ram them instead! Somehow, still alive, they shoot at it from alive, and they finally die!

They somehow take significant damage to the hull, and are taken down. TB wonders why it takes two minutes to defeat an enemy, but it takes three seconds for them to be defeated!

They begin rapid firing at an enemy, and takes it out. They want to pass the next enemy, as this ship has a heavy front gun. Everyone has to go onto repairs. They are under heavy fire. They get away, and go after another ship.

The balloon needs repairing again. PBG is struggling to keep up with the engine repairs. Both teams are at game point, and they start attacking an enemy. TB wonders how long it will take to take them out. The ship goes down, and red team wins!