PBG has to draw lines while Jeff flies around fighting cookies with Ashley.

BAD COOKIES! - Game and Wario #5
Upload Date June 20th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Game and Wario


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff stare into the camera at the start of the episode. The people have spoken - they will play more Game and Wario! The Gamer one was fun.

The next one is Design. Jeff sees a character who looks vaguely like PBG. PBG has to draw a 1.5 inch line. He gets really close. PBG can't draw a circle. PBG is struggling to draw straight lines. PBG almost gets a perfect 35 degree angle. PBG has to make a 12 inch squggly line and gets it a little large. PBG and Jeff will make a top 10 list of the best games in Game and Wario.

Jeff gets to play Ashley's stage. PBG likes all the WarioWare characters. PBG and Jeff comment on the realistic title screen. PBG dances as Jeff is reading the instructions. PBG wants to be the camera man again. They are both surprised when Ashley does a flip. PBG wants to make Star Wars references as Ashley flies on her broom.

The cookies are bad! Jeff misses a present, and can't go back. Jeff hits a bunch of ceilings as Ashley flies through a windy path. Jeff has to calm Ashley down by rubbing his finger on her. A boss cookie appears. Jeff realizes that Ashley needs to be mad to shoot. Ashley starts glowing white now. The boss has a lot of cookies. Jeff gets a big present. Jeff clears the stage.

PBG didn't like the stage that much. PBG doubts that anyone is taking notes. PBG wants to play Crazy Taxi. PBG competed in Crazy Taxi at SGC. PBG came in first in the event, and made the finals because he came first in that game. Someone else stuffed up, and told PBG that he could have done a lot better then PBG could have.

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