PBG makes a new Animal Crossing town called Poopsvil, and falls in love with Mitzi - only for her to move away.

Upload Date May 21st 2016
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Synopsis Edit

PBG loves Animal Crossing. PBG tries to say this angrily, but he cracks up. There has to be a new Animal Crossing coming out soon, and PBG looks through a desert, and finds a mirage. He decides to play the first Animal Crossing instead.

PBG screams in nostalgia as he hasn't played this game in years. His brother first told him about the game, and PBG thought it was dumb. However, he became obsessed. PBG doesn't know what he is doing when he makes his videos. He calls himself PooBinGo, and names his town Poopsvil.

There is an advertisement for Poopsvil.

PBG arrives in Poopsvil. He is now enslaved by Tom Nook. He is finished with the chores very quickly, and has paid off all his debt. He has a basement with lockers and a spaceship.

He looks through the villagers, and Mitzi. Mitzi was PBG's girlfriend when she was in PBG's original town. PBG sings about Mitzi. He writes her a letter. He doesn't receive a reply. Mitzi has moved out, and PBG is upset! PBG has to take his revenge out on someone, and kills Tom. PBG feels better now. All of PBG's villagers fall asleep all the time!

PBG explains the shops. There is a raffle at the end of each month. PBG would save up tickets, and then forget to play on the last day of the month! PBG makes his own horrible clothes. PBG gets free stuff from both the police station and the dump. He gets in trouble and runs away. It costs a lot of bells to upgrade the house all the way. PBG use to go fishing to get the money. He explains the secret money rock.

PBG's favorite items are the NES collection. He loved this about the original Animal Crossing and misses this feature. The Virtual Console is probably the reason for this feature not returning.

PBG talks about interacting with the villagers, and he receives a creepy frog chair. He found himself ignoring his villagers, just making money. He just sits in his house counting his bells with his gyroid collection. He counts his coins, and yells at the gyroids for being loud.

He checks the notice boards. Tom has gone missing, and PBG has to disappear. PBG runs through a park with the police after him. He falls over. PBG was never seen from again. The Shaggy resembling PBG is rumored to be heard laughing in the forest.

The end voice over was made by Clint from LazyGameReviews.