PBG wants to talk about a game with Adventure in the title, and went with Adventure Island 3.

Adventure Island 3
Upload Date March 4th 2012
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Synopsis Edit

Because PBG talks about the word 'Adventure' a lot, he figured why not playing a game with Adventure in the title. The Super Nintendo versions of Adventure Island were 'Ehhh'. They seem to be trying too hard by giving the character a shield and sword.

PBG loves the music so much that he conducts it. PBG explains the story, and explains that every problem can be blamed on aliens. Everything wants Master Higgins dead! He eats a lot! PBG finds that he randomly dies throughout the level, and then remembers that he forgets to eat. PBG explains the strange mechanics including the skateboard that can only be given to the player at the worst possible moments.

One of the coolest parts of this game is the dinosaurs. The blue one sometimes slips on the ice, the purple one is needed for underwater levels and wears sunglasses, and the green one runs too fast. The red one can walk in lava, and is the one PBG uses the most. There is a pterodactyl in this game, but PBG can't find him!

Some of the enemies suck. PBG throws an egg onto the top of the lava, and tries to ride in like a boat, but he still dies. It takes him a lot of attempts to get through this sections. There are some good boss fights in this game, and the music is great. PBG beatboxes to it. PBG is sad that he has to sacrifice his red dinosaur.

The final boss is against the UFO, and their weapons aren't all that good. PBG makes a poem as he defeats the aliens. The pterodactyl saves the characters, but PBG doesn't want to thank him.

Since Hudson Soft is no longer, PBG remembers some of the games that the company made.