PBG discusses games about Arthur - one of his favorite cartoons.

Upload Date October 1st 2016
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Synopsis Edit

PBG asks the viewer if they know that it isn't hard to have fun if you have a library card. PBG discusses the shows he watched as a kid. If you think Arthur is lame, you're dead wrong! PBG loves Arthur.

PBG starts with Arthur's Computer Adventure. He mentions the episode the game comes from and shows the book. PBG is excited to play until Arthur calls him a butt. The Thing was a scary movie. There is an impressive amount of things to click on. PBG puts bunny slippers all over Arthur's screen. He shows a helicopter mini game. PBG gets interrupted by singing jars. PBG discusses the story. The characters awkwardly stare at each other while PBG clicks on things. Arthur is banned from playing computer games for a week.

PBG decides to play on the Playstation because that is not a computer! The next game is Arthur Ready to Race. The characters look weird. PBG runs down the street like the characters. PBG points out the annoying squeaking noise. It is kind of fun, but it would be better if he could race someone. Brain points out that the car isn't made very well.

PBG has to do literally everything! He has to run around like an idiot doing chores for people. Most of the NPCs are forgettable except for the joke shop. A segment with a kid plays. He remembers thinking that his stuffed toys were alive as a kid. He panics as he remembers Smiley Man as he appears. PBG pretends to fight with a light saber with Picard. He breaks the light saber. Arthur was attacked by ghosts, but nothing happened! Arthur has to make another car despite everyone liking the previous one. PBG quits, and tries to play a computer game, only to be attacked by Arthur's mum.

PBG plays the next game - Arthur's Camping Adventure, and discusses the plot where Mr Ratburn gets injured. The characters come up with ideas. Binky and Francine have really dumb ideas. Brain's plan isn't particularly good either, but he sticks with it. PBG finds the items. PBG tries to cut off a monster's head, and wonders why Arthur is trying to cross a log when the water is so shallow. If a hedgehog is in danger it - "goes fast!" PBG finishes the game and is scared by the scary stories. It isn't scary anymore when he realizes that the monster hates peanut butter!

Arthur gives PBG advice. PBG's videos are replaced by Arthur videos. PBG tells Todd that he doesn't need him anymore.

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