PBG becomes the king of Reign of Kings!

ALL HAIL KING PBG! - Reign of Kings (Part 2)
Upload Date June 6th 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG's new goal is to meet the king. Finally, he can wear pants! He still looks pretty naked in his wooden pants. PBG sits in a throne.

PBG comes across another player, and they become buddies. They go to see the castle together. PBG gets lost. PBG heads to the castle and parkour around to it. He sits in the throne. PBG thinks he will be fine and is ready to take some guys on. PBG and his new friend talk. PBG becomes a part of this guys guild. PBG tries to increase taxes to 100%, but the game only allows him to set it to 20%! People in the chat hate him - except for one guy!

PBG finds a crown. PBG becomes surrounded by players who want to kill him. His friend gets attacked by the enemy players, and PBG orders them to stop as he didn't do anything! King PBG gets into a fight. PBG kills a guy, and gets all his stuff! PBG comes across an invisible guy and wants the voice to be his god!

Some other people arrive to overthrow the king. A long time of waiting occurs, and a magical floating torch appears. One guy protects PBG. PBG comes from behind and attacks throw a window. A tiny guy appears and attacks. PBG jumps out of the castle. He falls into the water after a long fall and survives!

He was expecting to die!

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