PBG plays yet another survival game, only this time, there is only water!

ALIEN OCEAN! - Subnautica (Part 1)
Upload Date May 15th 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG found this game randomly on Steam, and decided to share it! PBG chooses Survival mode, and sees a spaceship that is crashing into a water planet. PBG checks out everything in his ship. PBG finds the atmosphere creepy and cool. He wonders if it is randomly generated, and asks Jeff. It isn't, but the spawns are random.

PBG collects some stuff swimming underwater, and is warned that he is running out of oxygen. PBG is reminded of Stranded Deep. He remembers the title this time! It is like Stranded Deep with only water. He has a lot of mushrooms.

PBG learns how to use the inventory and storage. Suddenly, a warning goes off, and PBG is confused. PBG finds a fragment, and heads into what he thinks is a cave, but it isn't. He assumes that he needs to fix his ship after finding more metal and stones. PBG takes a break to figure out what he needs to do as the sun sets.

PBG talks through the crafting. PBG gets scared by a puffer fish that jumps out and attacks him. He gets startled by a rock! PBG backs away from a fish that starts chasing him. He digs up some sand, and starts to make some glass.

He gets some more quartz and tries to avoid the exploding guys. He still doesn't have enough, so he makes some silicon to make a knife. He finds some salt, and is once again freaked out by an exploding fish. PBG starts getting attacked by a freaky parasite, and almost drowns. He is attacked by another parasite.

He has enough quartz now, but is almost killed. He can finally make glass to make a tank. PBG gets an achievement. PBG makes some food and eats it. He uses a first aid kit, and heals half his health. He tests out his new tank. There is a random countdown, and PBG is worried. The ship is blowing up! That wasn't planned! PBG is stuck here forever! PBG will play more on his own.

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