PBG and Jeff get creeped out by Elmo's Number Journey.

666 - Elmo's Number Journey
Upload Date December 14th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG is making Jeff playing Elmo's Number Journey. PBG was thinking about making a Seseme Street video, but he canned it. Jeff decides on the difficulty. PBG wonders what the balloons are attached to. The animations are creepy.

Jeff goes to Cookie World. PBG hopes the water is chocolate. Jeff has to jet-ski through the correct numbers, but can't even select a wrong answer. This is the devil's game! PBG patronizes Jeff. Jeff is now snowboarding collecting more numbers. Jeff wants a candy cane.

Jeff doesn't know what to do in the bonus room. PBG tries to mimic Elmo. Jeff needs to throw 9 balls into the clown mouth. PBG tells the viewer to not skip forward. It is revealed that other characters were watching Elmo this whole time!

They talk to Ernie to do his game. People complained that people were talking over the cutscenes in Legend of Zelda CDI. Elmo poses for the thumbnail. Ernie's game is exactly the same as the previous game. Jeff wants to see what happens when he loses all his guesses. It just takes him back to the start of the level. The viewers have to suffer as much as Jeff is.

They discuss what PBG was doing while he was playing this game by himself trying to come up with jokes. The video would have been done if Jeff helped! All the games are exactly the same! PBG comments that nobody liked this video.

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