PBG thanks everyone for supporting him on his gameplay channel.

500k Subs - THANK YOU
Upload Date May 5th 2015
Series Announcement Videos


Synopsis Edit

PBG is a little bit late, but his gameplay channel recently made it to over 500,000 subscribers! PBG woke up early this morning, and couldn't sleep. He was just staring at his channels doing nothing on his phone. This channel has grown a lot. PBG decided to film a random vlog video saying how much he appreciates his fans.

PBG thanks his editor SpaceHamster for being able to put out 4 videos a week. It was originally used for Hardcore, but now has expanded into a lot more. He doesn't like how long it takes to make new videos on his main channel. The gameplay channel is a lot personal. He doesn't feel as bad uploading a vlog video to a channel with a lot more videos on it.

PBG stumbles through the video, and admits that he is really bad at this. PBG is worried that none of what he said made any sense, and crosses his fingers.

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