PBG and Jeff play a boring barrel level with good music and discuss games they want to play.

2 FOR 6: Donkey Kong Country 2 #6 - PB&Jeff
Upload Date July 31st 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Donkey Kong Country 2


Synopsis Edit

They get the intro correct again. Jeff has to sing his favorite Donkey Kong Country song, Jin Jig. Jeff comes up with a game to make the sound effects when playing the game. It sounds like something from Whose Line is it Anyway, and will probably not be funny at all.

This barrel level isn't all that fun, everyone just likes the music. PBG accidentally finds a bonus game. PBG runs out of time. He gets to try again. He barely gets it the second time. PBG shoots himself into a thorn, and Jeff has to take over. PBG asks Jeff about his favorite co-op games. Jeff likes survival games, but wish that the developers would finish them.

PBG likes Final Fight and Contra 3. Jeff wants to play Turtles in Time. This level isn't very fun. Jeff finds his way out of the maze, only to throw himself out of a spinning barrel. PBG finishes the level after Jeff killed himself right before the end.

They fight the boss. PBG gets confused after jumping on the boss doesn't work. The boss trolls Jeff by destroying his barrels. PBG wants to play Smash Bros. Jeff likes Joe and Mac. Jeff dies. Both Jeff and PBG used to rent games from Blockbuster. PBG messes up as the boss changes tactics. Jeff rented Turtles in Time a lot. Jeff is killed.

Jeff is bothered by the fact that you have to commit to buying games nowadays. PBG talks about Star Wars of the Knights Republic, and how he bought it on a whim. Both PBG and Jeff die again. Laptops were not that good back then. The game was so laggy and barely playable. PBG beats the boss.

They arrive at Krazy Kremland, and PBG is excited to be at the cart levels. They run out of time for Jeff to tell another story.

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