Jeff lands on bad spaces, and PBG finally starts to get bad rolls. Will they be bad enough for a comeback?

$$$ = HAPPINESS! - Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival (Part 2 of 2)
Upload Date January 2nd 2016
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG gets more money, and Jeff decides that he wants to say that he hates this game now. PBG has doubled Jeff's money and happiness! Jeff rolls another number that rewards PBG. PBG thinks he could win if he just ran away. PBG got a letter from himself in Animal Crossing asking if he reached 1 million subscribers yet.

PBG gets double dice, and gets more rewards. Jeff loses happiness! A fishing tourney begins. PBG wins the fishing tournament. PBG talks about the not alive villages. PBG has been trying to get Bluebear in his town. PBG and Danni cheated to get the animals they wanted.

PBG finally has a bad rolls. PBG gets 1000 bells for shooting down a balloon. Jeff keeps on landing on bad spaces, and has -132 bells! The fortune teller returns. PBG now has three stamps. PBG wants something bad to happen to him because it would be funny, but gets a really good card. PBG wonders what would happen if Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival won game of the year. They discuss making this game into a drinking game. Jeff would be in the hospital by now.

PBG continues to earn more bells. The turnip value continues to fall. PBG decides to sell his turnips. Jeff sells his as well. Jeff lands on a prize space on the last turn, but there was a chance that PBG could have won! PBG wins. PBG hasn't got much to say about this game.

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